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Joinersday At CGI #1

At the introduction day of my study I was really nervous and was looking admiringly to the final year students. I was thinking: “It will take so long before I will be in my last year and will do my graduation internship”. It sounds like a cliché, but the time has flown by. I will do my graduation internship at CGI and I also had my introduction day. During the day, I was really nervous as well. I would like to share my experience, stories and stress for my thesis with you guys. Therefore I have decided to take you along in my journey at CGI. So, this is the first blog about my introduction day.

After waiting for a long time, I could finally start. On the 1st of February I went to the HQ of CGI in Rotterdam for the Joinersday. My graduation internship started officially. I have to say I was nervous, but it was in a healthy way. Once I was inside, I got my badge, which I can use to access all the offices of CGI.

The program started at 9AM, starting with an introduction speech of Dirk de Groot. I liked it, because it was spontaneous and sincerely in my opinion. The room was full of 50 new Joiners and all of them were full of energy. The diversity of the group was outstanding and I liked it. While we were introducing ourselves I was thinking: “Wow, what a big mixed group”. Young and old joiners, from trainees to joiners with experience of years, different backgrounds and cultures. So, CGI calls this a big family (and yes, I understood this well).

During the day we had a few presentations. We learned things about the organization and how everything works. You would think that we have only listened, but that wasn’t the case. It was also an interactive day. The new Joiners had to give a pitch about CGI; What kind of company is CGI, what is CGI doing and what we will do as new Joiners of CGI. This part of the day was my favorite, because we immediately were taken into the organizations as the new family members. Of course, the day ended with drinks. Annemieke and Colinda, thanks for your hospitality at the Joinersday!

Before I forget (after all the impressions), I want to tell you about my graduation assignment. The next 5 months, I will research Life Science technologies. After googling a few times I learned a lot and I was thinking: “Wow, Life Science includes more than I expected”. After a few weeks I will tell you more about this topic! Besides that I will join Tessy van Stuijvenberg to learn about CGI from a different perspective. Tessy, thank you for the great opportunity.

Merve Demir February 27, 2019 Joinersday, CGI, Internship, Graduation