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Women of CGI #1

Last Tuesday I travelled to the NBC Congress Centre in Nieuwegein for the first Women of CGI event of the year. The theme of this evening was around “Women in IT”. The room was full of women with a lot of energy. You would think there were only female colleagues, but no that wasn’t the case. A few male colleagues also joined this event which was really cool I think.

The evening began with a nice dinner where we had the opportunity to get to know each other. This was really nice, because I met colleagues who I never would see. Not soon at least. After the dinner, the program started with a keynote of Lotte de Bruijn, the director of Nederland ICT. She began her talk with fun facts which I didn’t know at all. Did you know that the first programmer was a woman? Ada Lovelace wrote an algorithm for an early computing machine on paper. Or did you know that Grace Hopper recorded the first computer bug?

After this nice introduction we have talked about Women in IT. Nowadays “Diversity” is a popular topic. We see that in the society, less females are in IT or other technical fields. More companies and organizations are working on it to change this and to stimulate this topic. Besides that, “Diversity” is not only about female or male. It’s more than that: culture, age, gender, religion and more are characteristics of diversity. I think you can learn a lot by working in a diverse group which will also lead to better results and happiness. We have talked about what we can’t accept, but want to change and also about the name of our field. Is “IT” a good name for this sector? We see many females working in the health care or education. But are those females aware of the possibilities of technology for the health or education. It’s possible to develop solutions for cancer treatments or educational software for children and much more things. Me, as an IT-student, am convinced that this field is so cool. Girls, If you’re good in Latin, believe me you will be able to learn C# or Python as well :).

After the conversation we had a panel discussion. A day in the life of women who are working at CGI. They were woman with different roles like a director, engineer and a secretary. We had the opportunity to get to know them and what their daily activities are. I think this was really different from each other. But it’s all contributing to this successful company in their own way. With their own talents and energy. And I think this is really fascinating If you think about it.

At the end, we have closed the evening with drinks and nice conversations with each other. We had a great group with a lot of positive energy. I want to thank all my colleagues who contributed to this nice evening, especially to the board of Women of CGI

Merve Demir 15 March, 2019 Women of CGI, Diversity, IT